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If you're Talking, You're not Listening!

Do you ever feel like your messages are not being heard? I feel your pain. Who's at fault here the responder or the listener? I say both. Even though all good leaders know the value of effective communications, many of us fail to provide clear messages!

Studies show that poor communications generate the majority of an organization's issues. That boggles my mind! Especially when the use of sharpened communication skills determines 85% of our success. Communication skills can be learned and applied with little effort.

Here are a few examples. Listen more than you talk. If you're talking, you're not listening, and listening is paramount in the communications process. Stop talking and listen more.

Another is to be present during the conversation! Have you ever been in a conversation, and you find yourself unfocused, shuffling papers, or even worse, looking at your cellphone? Make good eye contact and give the other person your full attention. And finally, ask clarifying questions. If you don't understand what is said, ask for clarification. Steven Covey said, "Seek first to understand, and then to be understood." When you clearly understood the conversation, you can craft a much better response when it's your turn to speak.

These three simple tools can make a difference in your ability to communicate with your team and your clients if you use them effectively. Are you interested in learning more about developing practical communication skills for you and your team? Reach out to my team at


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