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Developing Leaders

Frequently I’m asked, why do I need to invest in leadership training? My response is simple: Do you want your business to be the best in your industry? I seldom get NO as the answer to the question!

Research shows that when organizations invest in leadership and personal development, they improve productivity by as much as 200% and increase their profit margins by as much as 24%. What business or organization do you know that would not be interested in those possibilities?

There is more to gain when we invest in leadership training. One of the most relevant results of team development is improved employee retention. Today, employment is at its highest level in years, and the competition for the best talent is even higher, thus making employee retention paramount. Keeping good employees is almost always more cost-effective than hiring new ones.

Additionally, active leadership development generates greater employee engagement. Some reports show employee engagement as low as 17%. If you have an unengaged team, it’s impacting your bottom-line and not in a positive way.

Finally, Leadership development allows you to cultivate future leaders. When you Cultivate and develop future leaders, you are increasing the potential growth and profits for your organization!

The Daily Grower,

Jim Hatchell

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