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Cultivating your Mindset!

Growing up in rural South Carolina, I lived on a small farm where I had the opportunity to participate in the maintenance of a family garden. Through these experiences, I learned how to grow my own crops.

One of the most valuable growing lessons I learned during that time is you cannot have a good harvest without dealing with a few bugs and weeds! I also learned that to reduce these intruders, all I needed to do was cultivate the soil, add the proper fertilizer, and apply water regularly.

Sometimes though, I still had to carefully pull the weeds up and thump away a few bugs for my garden to bear fruit. Have you ever considered that our mindsets are much like a garden? Just like watering, cultivating, and fertilizing our gardens, we must develop our thinking in the same way.

If we don’t, we can easily allow our thinking to become negative, which limits our capacity for positively growing our mindset. If we are unwilling to grow ourselves or if we allow negative thinking to overtake our minds, we cannot improve anything. But if we enrich our minds with positive ideas that reinforce constructive thinking, much progress is possible!

How are you growing your mindset? Here are a few tips to help you improve your thinking.

1. Start your day with a positive affirmation.

2. Focus on today.

3. Believe in yourself.

4. Collaborate with other positive-minded people.

5. Read books.

6. Laugh out loud.

7. Remember you Matter.

8. Help someone else.

9. Exercise. (Outside)

10. Practice Gratitude

The Daily Grower,

Jim Hatchell


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