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Leadership Begins With Me!

My clients frequently ask me where they should begin their leadership journey? My reply is a simple one. With yourself of course! Before we can lead others we must have the skills and disciplines to lead ourselves. John Maxwell writes in his book Leadership Gold, "The toughest person in the world to lead is always yourself." I don't know about you but in today's world I see a lot of people who need a reality check as relates to leading themselves let alone trying to lead someone else. The bottom-line is that if we are to be successful, as Dr. Maxwell inserts, "we need to get out of our own way." This is as true for new leaders as it is for ourselves. Here are four keys to leading yourself found in his book Leadership Gold:

  1. Learn Followership - To be a good leader one must have been a good follower along the way. Some of the greatest leadership lessons I have ever learned are from those whom I followed.

  2. Develop Self-Discipline - For some this may seem obvious, nonetheless, when we are out of control we are likely to make poor choices and/or wrong decision resulting in regret and missed opportunities.

  3. Practice Patience - In our instant gratification world, we often see and hear of those who want to start at the top rather than work there way up. Becoming a leader doesn't happen over need to use the crock-pot method and let it marinate over time.

  4. Seek Accountability - If there is one thing that I would change in my leadership journey it is this! I would have found an accountability partner or developed an inner circle to help me in my journey. The Bible says that two are stronger and with a third we have great strength. Seek advice from those who have gone before you.

I hope you find this article helpful as you journey through the leadership jungle!

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